Upload Your Recipes

You can now upload your own recipes to your 'My Recipes' account...

Here's a great new feature on www.myrecipebook.co.nz - you can now add your own recipes directly into your online account. You can also publish your own recipes* onto the site for other users to save to their account.
*If you want to publish recipes on the site for anyone to view and users to save to their account, you must be the copyright holder of the recipe and photograph.

Simply log in and click on 'Create a New Recipe' in the 'My Recipes' box to the right.

Enter in all the details, including a photo if you wish, and then decide if you want to save it only to My Recipes (not for public viewing) or if you want to make it available for anyone to see. If you make it available for anyone to see, the recipe will state your full name as the author (i.e. the first and last names you provided when you Joined Up). It will not use your user name.


If you want to share the recipe with all visitors to the site, you will be asked to confirm that you are the Copyright Holder of the recipe & photograph. Protecting copyright is important to ensure we continue to have wonderful recipe books and magazines to enjoy. Please don't upload material that you didn't write.

Telling People About Your Recipe

If you want people to find your recipe, the easiest way for people to find everything you've posted for them to see is for them to search your name on Authors. If you have a specific recipe you want to tell someone about, the quickest way for them to find it is to let them know the recipe number. You can also email them directly from the recipe page by 'sharing this recipe'.

Searching Your Account for a Recipe

You can quickly search your account for a specific recipe or recipes. After you have logged in, the 'Find a Recipe' search box will give you the option of searching either your 'My Recipes' account or the entire 'Public Recipes' library. Use the word 'and' to join key words together to get a more specific search, for example a search request of 'beetroot and feta' will return only recipes that have both ingredients, not just either.