Mutton chukka


Mutton chukka
Prep Time: 30 mins
Cook Time: 10 mins


Mutton - 1/2 kg

Small Onions - 15

Fennel seeds - 1 tbsp

Cumin seeds - 1 tbsp

Whole Black Pepper - 2 tbsp

Ginger Garlic paste

Turmeric powder - 1 tbsp

Red chilly powder - 2 tbsp

Tomato - 3

Curry leaves

Coriander laves

Mustard seeds

Green chilly - 3

Cinnamon - 1/2 tbsp

Cardamom - 2



Poppy seeds - 1 tbsp

Coriander powder - 1 tbsp

Gingelly oil - 1 tbsp

Canola or Olive oil - 2 tbsp

Recipe ID: 103043


This receipe is an authentic dish for persons who love eating spicy foods.

The gravy is so delicious and it can be served with Briyani, Plain Rice and Roti


Pressure cook mutton with 1 glass of water, salt, turmeric powder, curry leaves and coriander powder at medium flame. Turn off the stove after 8 whistles.

Add gingelly oil in a hot pan and add fennel seeds, poppy seeds, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon. Roast all these at lower flame. Turn off the stove when it becomes reddish brown. Set it aside to lower the heat.Grind this roasted mixture of spices to a fine powder. Keep this aside.

In another pan roast whole black pepper and cumin seeds in lower flame for 4-5 mins. Grind this to a fine powder.

Boil 3 tomato and grind it to a paste.


Now take a pan and add oil, when the oil gets heated add mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chillies (finely chopped), small onions (finely chopped). Fry until onion becomes brown. Add  the mixture of the spice powder which is prepared.

Then add tomato paste and ginger garlic paste. Close the pan with a lid for 5 mins. Open the lid and add the mutton which is pressure cooked along with those curry leaves and the mutton stock

Close the lid again and cook for 5 - 8 mins. Open the lid now add the powder of roasted whole black pepper and cumin seeds. Add red chiily powder and salt as required. Cook it with the pan open until it becomes a thick gravy.

(Note: You can add some more oil so that it becomes a thick gravy consitency)

Granish it with coriander leaves and serve hot.





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