Chicken and Prosciuttto Bikini


Chicken and Prosciuttto Bikini
Servings: 4


1 tablespoon light cooking oil
1 onion, thinly sliced
1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika
8 flour tortilla
1 cup grated Manchego or other strong firm cheese
2 roasted red capsicums, peeled, deseeded and thinly sliced
2 cups cooked chicken, shredded
8 slices prosciutto
sour cream to granish
fresh coriander to garnish
diced tomato to garnish

Recipe by: Nici Wickes
Publication: World Kitchen (Oct 2009)
Recipe ID: 100011


Available in almost any bar or cafe in Barcelona, a bikini is the Spanish version of a toasted sandwich. Once you get beyond the embarrassment of asking for one, you'll find they are the best snack to keep you going.


Heat oil in a frying pan over medium heat and saute the onions until golden brown. Add the paprika and stir through. Set aside. Place 4 of the tortilla on a flat surface and top each with grated cheese, roasted capsicums, cooked onions and shredded chicken, finished with a slice of prosciutto. Cover with the remaining tortilla. Place the tortillas on a sandwich press or in a lightly oiled frying pan and cook over medium heat. Cook for 2-3 minutes each side. Cut each into 4 squares and serve with sour cream, coriander and diced tomato.



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